Murid SK Long Sukang ke Angkasa Lepas : Hebatnya Idea Guru Bahasa Inggeris Ini

Siapa sangka anak anak murid di SK Long Sukang Lawas berjaya menjadi angkasawan dalam usia muda. Walaupun ia sekadar imaginasi namun kreativiti guru bahasa Inggerisnya Cikgu Muhammad Nazmi berjaya menyuntik rasa semangat belajar bahasa Inggeris dikalangan anak anak SK Long Sukang.

Cikgu Muhammad Nazmi sanggup berbelanja mencari pakaian musim sejuk terpakai dan membuat beberapa pengubahsuaian bagi menukarkan pakaian tersebut menyerupai pakaian angkasawan.

Kreativiti Cikgu Muhammad Nazmi yang juga merupakan anak jati Lawas mempelbagaikan kaedah penggunaan speaker corner secara bertema memberikan impak yang tinggi apabila murid-murid dapat belajar dengan penuh ceria dan gembira selaras dengan kehendak Menteri Pendidikan Dr Maszlee iaitu Happiness, Love and Mutual Respect. Selain menarik minat murid dengan aktiviti STEM.

Bertuah anak anak Lun Bawang di SK Long Sukang Lawas kerana memiliki guru guru yang hebat di sekolah itu. Tahniah kepada SK Long Sukang, Tahniah Cikgu Muhammad Nazmi.

Angkasa bukan sempadan jika ada tapak di bulan.

Berikut saya share kaedah cikgu Muhammad nazmi dalam penggunaan speaker corner dengan tema LITTLE ASTRONAUTS.

In SK Long Sukang, we offer the biggest Space Programme in Lawas, or probably in Northern region Sarawak. Cewah!. The best we can afford and the least the school can do.

Salam guys, today I’m going to share you a lesson using one of our Speaker Corner (under the HIP) in the school.

Title: “Little Astronauts”
Year: 3
Topic: Our World
Focus skill: Speaking
Complementary skill: Listening
Language focus: Occupation / ambition
CCE: Science & Technology
PAK21: 3 Stray 1 Stays

Set Induction

  • Teacher reads job description and pupils guess; teacher, dentist, firefighte, lifeguard. (Recall the previous lesson)
  • Teacher reads the job description for astronaut and let the pupils guess. (Tease)
    New word: astronaut


  • Tcher brings the pupils to the Speaker Corner: Speak like an Astronaut.
  • Pupils listen to the job descriptions of an astronaut. (Routines, works, possibilities)
  • Tcher talks a little bit about Syeikh Muszaphar, our 1st astronaut.
  • Even though the proceeding stage is not related to Syeikh Muszaphar, but this stage is very crucial to help the pupils get the idea what are these astronauts doing out there. Bcause some of my pupils really don’t know what is Astronaut.
  • New words: space ship, planet,
  • HOTS: Why do you think astronaut need to wear special suit to go to the space?

Practice 1

  • Tcher distributes worksheet to each of the pupils
  • Tcher put pupils into Station A (mixed abilities groups) & discuss why do you want to be an astronaut.
  • Here you will notice the advance will say something like they wanna try floating or take a ride in the space ship or play with aliens there, but some strugglers can’t really give reason why, so thats why tcher need to put them with mixed abilities group in this stage.
  • Tcher assists each group in the process
  • Pupils write their group answer in the worksheet.

Practice 2

  • Teacher conducts 3 Stray 1 Stays
  • Here pupils take turn explaining why they want to be an astronaut.
  • here pupils can either stay with their answer , add or change their answer why they wanna be an astronaut.
  • Here tcher focuses on the strugglers presenting among the small group. Some strugglers can’t present in front all of his friend but prefer to present in the small group.


  • Tcher invites pupils to present using the speaker corner and wearing the suit. The advance can speak naturally and the intermediates can refer their worksheet a bit (not reading activity ok).
  • Don’t force the strugglers if they don’t want to use the Speaker Corner. But at least help them to present during the 3 Stray 1 Stays
  • HOTS: Can we really talk in the space without the helmet? Why are we floating out there
  • Enrichment activities: I used one of materials by Miss Ashikin Zainull (shout out to her, yall should go check her work, shes incrazing (incredible + amazing) go join her Telegram group Miss Ash, definitely worth it, highly recommended
  • Remedial: let the strugglers make a small group and present among themselves with tcher’s guidance


  • Tcher tells fun facts; Syeikh Muszaphar is actually a surgeon, and this shows that everyone can go up there.

Thats all for today. Hope yall like the lesson. Do follow my page Little Lessons by Little Chuckee. Do check around, I hope yall found something helpful for you and the pupils there. I hope this particular lesson prepare you to watch Captain Marvel too.

P.s. I’m sorry if Facebook muted my video here, because I forgot to credit the owner of the song

Don’t tell us the sky is the limit, when there’s a footprint on the moon.